As a portrait photographer, our job is to capture the ones you love at an exact moment of time

Black and white family portrait.

Here at our studio, we provide an experience that creates a series of timeless photographs with a real emotional attachment based on your story, relationships and your unique memories.

Maybe you want to mark a special occasion for you and your partner. It could be an anniversary portrait, the bloom of a pregnancy or the delicate beauty of a new-born baby.

You might want to catch a precious moment in time with generations of your family. The joy of a graduation or siblings bound in their happy, chaotic relationships. Or perhaps a portrait of your adored pet, with or without the rest of the family…

As an independent studio and photographer, we are able to take the time to get to know you and create the perfect image that makes your heart expand every time you look at it.

We’ll chat about the memories special to you and how the family dynamics are formed and developed. We take you back to moments that really mean everything to you and recreate something to which you’ll have a real emotional attachment.

We have a bespoke backdrop system which was built especially for the studio. This gives you the choice to change and contrast the mood.

There are beautiful textured painted canvas backgrounds in different colours, which create a classic look, or you might prefer that clean white background. There are no chains on this system for added child safety.

The Kelly Brown Collection:  a collection of beautiful handmade printed options ranging from Stunning handcrafted albums to beautiful bespoke showcase print boxes. Available at Chris Scott Photography