PR & editorial

A new product or new market always benefits from glossy eye-catching PR photography.

Or maybe you want to document a new project or process with some editorial to integrate into your company story.

We can get images of individuals, or capture the energy and enthusiasm of the team around your site.

Often working closely with publishers and local PR agencies, we supply images for editorial publication, either commissioned for newspapers or media organisations or to accompany media releases.

We capture editorial images that grab the reader’s attention, precisely to brief and working in harmony to complement the article or feature. We adapt our style to suit the platform whether it is a national broadsheet, specialist magazine or aimed at local media.

Depending on your individual needs, we provide photography on location or in the studio.


The right image can add so much more depth to a piece of editorial. It adds context and personality – if there were no words, we firmly believe you should still get the feel for the story.

The subject is always the VIP with us so you can trust that your clients are in safe hands. We know we might not always get time to scout the location in advance – although we always will if we can! We think on our feet and like to come prepared.

We pride ourselves on our positive attitude and are brilliant at working to brief. Whether in the middle of a field of sheep, shooting in a prestigious museum or up to our necks in jam, we always deliver that perfect shot.