At Dundee Photography Studio, you enter the world of Chris Scott.

Located beside Dundee airport, this flexible and welcoming space is easily reached and has good parking right at the front door. The space is something that really does surprise our clients and visitors. It’s warm and welcoming to ensure our visitors’ comfort. We always have space for supporters or family and friends waiting to join the shoot.

I really wanted to open a photography space that offered something unique to the area. We have 3 main sections to the studio, the main shooting area, our design consultation room and separate office and conference area.

The design consultation room has been built so our clients can come into a welcoming , comfortable space, to view their photographs on the large screen, and see and feel the quality of the range of stunning wall art galleries, photo albums, photoboxes etc, which are all handcrafted in Italy.

They say a workman is only as good as his tools and this is certainly the case at the studio. There are hundreds of different equipment solutions out there, for all budgets, but I practice what I preach when it comes to “you get what you pay for” and have gone for the best of the best.

The studio is a geeky paradise, equipped with Canon’s flagship body the Canon 1DX, with its state of the art sensor, low light capability, 14 frames a second with super-fast focus tracking,

It gives me the confidence to shoot sports at a good level. I use it for everything from portraits to commercial fashion and product photography, as well as weddings of course.

My second body is the Canon 5d Mk 1V which is another professional camera workhorse and captures photographs in beautiful detail with a 30-megapixel sensor. This again is fantastic for newborns and studio portraits of the family, not missing a trick shooting at 7 frames per second.

The main benefit of having the second camera is, it allows me to switch between one camera and another, without taking the time to have to change the lens and potentially miss an important smile or look.

The colours that come out of this camera are incredible, especially in print, and it’s a fantastic tool at weddings. At nearly £3000 for just the body, you’d expect something pretty special and it truly is.

The third camera at the studio and is primarily only used as a studio camera.

With its whopping 50 megapixel sensor it captures every little detail and beautiful skin tones with its low pass cancellation filter. The huge sensor allows me to crop a picture and still produce a pixel sharp massive print, or one of our state of the art wall pieces that go up to 87×71 inches with no distortion. This isn’t a camera for fast shooting or capturing action, it’s a camera for the refined family portraits, child fine art portraits, and of course commercial product photography, where fine detail and texture are all important.

The camera bodies don’t work on their own, we also need a good range of quality lenses for all types of photography. We have everything from the beautiful Canon 85mm 1.2 which is the preferred lens for studio headshots and close-up portrait photographs. We also have the Canon 50mm 1.2 for family portraits and a 70-200mm 2.8 lens.  These are some of the finest lenses in photography that I use to ensure you always look your best.

The most important components in a photography studio are its lighting and the range and types of lighting modifiers it uses. The important rules of light are

1/ The quality of light
2/ The direction of light

I want you to look your very best in every photo, so I chose Profoto as the light of choice in the studio on its strong reputation as being a true workhorse. This studio lighting, used by the world’s best studio photographers, is known for its beautiful consistent light and incredible versatility. It has high-speed sync and freeze mode allowing up to 20 flashes a second, which freezes up to 63,000th of a second.

We have 5 flash units in the studio giving me the choice of multiple setups and as much light as I need for any job, from a dramatic portrait to commercial still life product photography.

There is also a full range of Profoto modifiers including the largest softbox Profoto do, which is amazing for lighting family groups and newborns. The majority of modifiers have grids allowing me to really control the light, which adds awesome drama and contrast to your photographs.

We had a bespoke backdrop system built especially for the studio, we have black, grey, and purple papers and white vinyl. There are no chains on this system for added child safety.

For your photographic experience, you have a choice of beautiful textured painted canvas backgrounds in different colours, which create a classic look, or you might prefer that clean white background.

Our newborn photography backdrops have been chosen carefully to give you a stunning range of colours for that timeless look. We will provide advice on the colour of backdrops to compliment the wall you want to hang your favourite photographs.

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