Heavy industrial and offshore photography

Chris has a unique skillset when it comes to industrial photography.

Before training as a photographer, he worked offshore on drilling and decommissioning operations.

He captures the type of Heavy Industrial & Offshore photographs that clients want, with the experience and awareness of surroundings to make sure the job is carried out safely.

His documentation of operational projects is much in demand, with an emphasis on highlighting engineering expertise, as well as QHSE. We also provide corporate video production for either external or training purposes.

We can produce bespoke images tailored to your requirements, for 3D augmented reality (AR) and wireline operations. Chris’s technique also allows him to create professional images day or night without the need for flash photography.

Oil and gas photography is obviously a speciality but we have also worked closely with heavy industry and with the aeronautical and marine engineering sector, with companies like Alba Power and ATL Turbine Services.

Chris Scott is a member of the Society of International Commercial & Industrial Photographers.

Oil and Gas Stock Photography

Find the eye-catching image you’re looking for in our exclusive oil and gas stock photography archive.

Our pictures of drilling operations and working life on an oil rig combine technical precision with the breathtaking scale of industry.

You can find high-quality photographs and royalty-free stock images you won’t find anywhere else.

Having previously worked on rigs offshore, Chris Scott has gained exclusive access to areas of a drilling rig that are rarely seen.

Click on our gallery and take a look at some of our oil and gas images.

Chris’s knowledge means you get a different perspective on everything from helicopter operations through to the drill floor.

Key points in the production process are recorded as the hydrocarbons are pumped from reservoirs through to pipelines. Well heads and wirelines are captured by an experienced eye that knows what you want to see.

We have a choice of stock image licences that you can purchase:

  • six months unlimited use (digital)
  • 12 months unlimited use (digital)
  • single use (print)
  • unlimited use (print, including worldwide distribution, magazine publication, newspapers etc)