We love to uncover the beauty of architectural and interior design in our photography.

Good architecture makes structures look elegantly simple.

And our job is to capture the leading lines of buildings and find that reveal their individual majesty or particular character.

It can be about how sunlight hits points of the building at specific times of the day, or seeing it from unexpected angles that show different shadows, patterns and moods.

Whether appreciating the power of parallel lines or the sweep of a curve, the lighting and technical composition of our shots always highlight the architect’s interpretation of the space.

The skill of good design is often hidden in a simple fluidity. Our architectural photography gets inside the mind of an architect and reflects the vision through his eyes.

We use a special tilt and turn lens that adjusts the focal plane inside the camera. Often the eye tricks us into seeing buildings leaning away from us. This lens corrects that to give a true representation of perspective.


When we shoot interiors, we highlight the beautiful amalgamation of function and design.

From lighting to furniture, we capture the essence of a space while giving it a creative twist.
We balance the lighting with a creative mix of artificial and ambient, creating the contrast, and colour balance that reflects the beauty of place.
It’s a very manual and personal process that gives a careful and considered mood and tone.

A recent photography commission showcased the refurbishment of the reading room in the University of Dundee library, a project that caught the interior design intention linking an ambitious vision with the rich culture of learning.