Chris Scott Photography offers photography workshops and training for groups and individuals.

Create beautiful photographs with a professional at your side to give you inspiration and all the support you need on camera craft and creativity.

We provide one-to-one photography training for beginners, taking you from auto to manual photography and arming you with all the skills you’ll need.

The biggest investment you can make in your photography is in learning. The return on investment is huge as your knowledge increases in leaps and bounds.

And if you’re an intermediate or professional, you can take the opportunity to add to your technical knowledge, be inspired and gain that extra experience that makes you stand out from the competition.

The workshops are customised to suit your goals, so we can chat and get you to where you want to be.

Wedding photography

Delivered either as a group or one-to-one, our wedding photography training is a mix of studio and wedding venue location, with working couple models.

We go through the entire day, covering everything from details to ceremony, to couple posing and “wow” shots. We also follow the workflow process through efficient editing and album design


In our lighting flash workshops, you learn all aspect of lighting, from working with on-camera and off-camera flash, to multiple light set-ups and how to mix flash and ambient.

We look at how to read a light meter, and work with studio lights throughout the day, with expert tuition to help you set up your camera, use our studio equipment and try out different lighting styles with a model. You also learn about lighting a night shoot.

Words from Chris

“I’m still as passionate now as I was when I started – maybe even more so. I teach what I’ve learned and don’t hold anything back. And I don’t just show you what to do, I explain the ‘why’ behind it. One of the best bits is being able to pass on some of this knowledge, experience and expertise in my own workshops.”
Chris Scott

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