"Weddings at Piperdam-Stunning bride"

Weddings at Piperdam are always great, but this one was hard to beat.

Weddings at Piperdam.

Weddings at Piperdam are usually fantastic as the norm, the stunning scenery and spectacular views make it a charming place to marry. When it came to Nial McKay and Fiona Turner’s special day, they pulled out all the stops to ensure that it stood out from the crowd.

Before the wedding ceremony took place at Piperdam Golf and Leisure Resort, the blushing bride Fiona got ready with her bridesmaids and family at home.  Wearing a lovely white gown with Marvel Comic themed high heels, it was clear that this bride was going to be both glamorous and funky.

The three bridesmaids were also very stylish, dressed in black dresses with tartan sashes, making the wedding theme both traditional and unique. Surrounded by her friends and family, including her father who had travelled thousands of miles from New Zealand to see the couple get married, it was clear that Fiona was very excited about her big day.

The Groom and his groomsmen were busy waiting for the bride to arrive, dressed in a traditional tartan, tying in beautifully with the theme.

When the Fiona arrived the wedding ceremony took place. It was especially emotional, with the couple’s two sons Carter and Angus attending as page boys for their mum and dad.  There was also a pretty flower girl named Myla, who was the couple’s friend and Bridesmaid’s daughter.

After the ceremony we took some wedding photographs at Piperdam’s striking waterfront. The flower archway was also used to capture some group shots of the Bride and Groom with the bridal party and family.

As the guests all returned to the venue for the reception, it was clear how much effort had gone into making the wedding unique and memorable. The room looks spectacular and was decorated with gorgeous flowers, wooden heart lanterns and wooden place settings. Fiona and Nial’s cake which was decorated in a tree and acorn theme, also tied in magnificently.

After some lovely and emotional speeches, it was time to dance the night away. After the couple’s first dance, the wedding guests and bridal party proved  that they knew exactly how  to celebrate a Scottish wedding!  With a busy bar and packed dance floor – the celebrations ended on a high.

Weddings at Piperdam are beautiful, but by adding some thought and unique touches they can be truly spectacular just like Nial and Fiona’s special day.

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