"An insight into life offshore-Helicopter landing"

An insight into life offshore

Oil and Gas photographer captures an insight into life offshore.

Photographing real life on board a platform is rare, and with good reason. Platforms have to have very strict safety restrictions in place for everyone on board – and that includes photographers trying to take that all important shot!

When Archer Drilling contacted me to document life on board a drilling and production platform, to use in a health and safety training portal for new starts, I was happy to oblige. For jobs such as these ones, I am able to tap into the skills and in depth training I gained in my previous life as an offshore worker and safety rep. In fact stepping on board the Alba Platform, a drilling platform owned by Chevron, felt a bit like returning home.

I know from my own experience what it is like to be a “green hand” offshore. It is difficult to imagine what life on board a platform will be like until you’re actually there. For many people the fear of the unknown can be one of the most difficult things about starting any job, it’s taking that big step and not knowing what you are going into.

That’s why portals such as the one that Archer Drilling are putting together, are so important for the oil and gas industry. It gives new starts the opportunity to see exactly what their new environment will be like. It allows them to begin to imagine what their new normal will be. After all, when you will be spending long periods of time in one place, you want to be prepared.

During my three years working in the oil and gas industry I learned how to adapt and thrive in offshore life. The health and safety training experience that I gained in those years, helps me keep calm in any crisis. It’s a skill that comes in very handy in my current role as photographer, especially during busy production and drilling operations.

As I have all the necessary certification, I am always happy to visit platforms in in person to take photographs discreetly, unobtrusively and safely. I also have a range of oil and gas stock photography which can be accessed here, any time.

Although documenting real life on board a platform is always a privilege, the real privilege is visually giving a new employee, an insight into life offshore.

"An insight into life offshore-Arriving on platform""An insight into life offshore-Helicopter landing""An insight into life offshore-Platform deck""An insight into life offshore-Drilling Platform deck""An insight into life offshore-Supply boat""An insight into life offshore-Drill crew""An insight into life offshore-Drill and Deck crew""An insight into life offshore-Emergency measures""An insight into life offshore-Drill floor""An insight into life offshore-Wire-line operations"


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